The keys for approaching the model- Penang International Airport

The project was developed within the framework of the competition for the international Terminal expansion at Penang International Airport by the architects Grimshows’. The project involves the creation of a new terminal for international flights, which will lead to a doubling of capacity and the creation of a new public space

  • Discretize
  • The whole structure creates a very impressive effect, however, it is possible to identify a repeating element – a column,reminiscent of a tree, smoothly merging into the roof structure, which was used 24 times. If further expansions is required, the 36 x 36 meters module can also be duplicated in both directions.

  • Wireframe
  • In the design of a roof, two structures are superimposed. The structure of the columns supports the covering, which is made in the form of a grid. The roof design is adapted to the climate: it allows you to regulate the amount of precipitation, as well as the permeation of daylight into the interior, creating an interesting optical effect.

  • Math
  • The wave roof shape, which is one of the main features of the International Airport Expansion Project, is based on a specific mathematical sine wave function.

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